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Adult Computer Classes
Very, very, very beginner computer class

Keyboard Skills – tutorial for using a computer keyboard



Mousing Around – website for learning how to use a mouse

Youtube video – funny video of email being delivered    (longer version)


Youtube video – google email tutorial


Youtube video  - Why  use Gmail,  four features


Youtube video  - Gmail voice and video chat


Facebook:  Getting Started

Mark Zuckerberg Interview On ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (7/21/10)

Facebook Safety Tips – for adults
Understanding new Facebook Security Settings


Introduction to Computers

When you first begin using a computer, it can be daunting!  Just how does that strange object called a mouse actually workjQuery1520516673296045916_1312223479662jQuery15208367381620036303_1312403390737jQuery15208367381620036303_1312403390738  Here are some links to tutorials that can help you learn the basic skills of operating a mouse.  Take your time - like riding a bicycle, it will eventually become easier for you.  To start these tutorials, use your mouse to place the curser on top of these links listed below (either in blue or purple).  Then click on the left side.  This will take you to the tutorials website.  Have fun!!!
Using a mouse tutorials     This tutorial has alot of text but will explain and give illustrations on how to use the mouse.
2.    This tutorial has some very simple exercises that will help you learn how to move and click with the mouse.
3.     This tutorial has additional exercises to help you practice your "mouse" skills.
Understanding the Keyboard:
The computer keyboard is very similar to a typewriter.  It has a space bar, backspace, shift, and caps lock just like on a typewriter.  But there are also lots of additional keys (like the F keys on the top and the number pad to the right).  These tutorials will give you some practice with becoming familar with a keyboard.
1.    This site lets you click on a keyboard to learn different functions of the keys.
Understanding the Internet This tutorial has sections for learning computer skills, e-mail skills, word processing skills, and web skills. Lots of lessons are available on this site: Computer basics, Windows, Internet 101, Internet Basics, email basics, Internet safety, Mozilla Firefox, Facebook 101, Using Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Office,, Outlook 2003, Publisher 2003).