Howe Independent School District

"Educating the Hope of Tomorrow"

Borrowing Periods, Privileges, and Responsibilities:
 Library cards are free to all patrons in Grayson County. Patrons should notify the library of any change in name or address. Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out to their library card as well as fines, damaged, or lost books/items.

Only city patrons eighteen years of age or older (that are no longer a secondary school student) may check out video tapes. City patrons may not check-out books or materials if a fine or overdue materials remain on library card. Videos (not within a kit) can only be checked-out by adults. Students and city-child patrons may check-out adult reading materials and videos part of a kit only with written permission from parents/guardians. Patrons will be charged $1.00 per item for tampering with or removing barcodes. Howe ISD faculty members may check-out as many items as needed for educational purposes without overdue fees.


Patron Type          Book Check-out Limit & Loan Period      Video Check-Out & Loan Period  

City Adult                            15 items                                           3 videos                               

                                                                    For two weeks                                  for five days  

City Child/Youth                  3 items                                             N/A                                         

(non-Howe student             For two weeks                

17 years or younger)

Howe ISD students:

High School                         10 items                                            N/A                                          

                                                           For two weeks                 

Grades 4th-8th                     2-3 items                                           N/A

                                           For two weeks

Grades 1st-3rd                      2-3 items                                          N/A                                           

                                                                For one week

Pre-K & K                           1-2 items                                       N/A                                            

                                        For one week


 Computer Use Policy:

Use of computers deemed for public use:    Patrons need to show some knowledge of computer literacy. Please sign-up for computer usage at the Circulation desk. You are allowed a 30 minute time period for use of a computer. If no one is waiting for a computer, you may continue use until a request is made. If a    computer is needed for homework assignments, you can continue use until the assignment is finished then resign-up for additional time.



Copy machine use: Copies may be made for 10¢ (20¢ for front and back)

Computers: 10¢ a page

Fax (sent or received): 25¢ a page


Child Safety Policy:
Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all    patrons. To protect our younger users, children aged 12 & younger must be accompanied by a parent or responsible caregiver aged 16 or older. This policy is effective on Saturdays, non-school days, and 20 minutes after school is dismissed on school days.   Library staff cannot be responsible for children who are unsupervised.