Howe Independent School District

"Educating the Hope of Tomorrow"


Interurban Railroad - pasting


Sarah Kay Poem “Hands” -


Storyteller – Anansi & the Turtle 


Storyteller Danielle Daniel “Wise Turtle” (Brier Rabbit story)


Storyteller Danielle Daniel  “Monkey & Buzzard”


Famous Texans Research – 4th grade project


Encyclopedia Britannica through library’s website & TexShare Databases (contact the library for username and passwords) -


Websites for additional information:

Famous Texans site -

Notable Texans before 1900 - 

Giants of Texas History -


Specific websites:

Women in Texas history (Ann Richards) -

King Ranch (Richard King) -

The Handbook of Texas (George Childress)

Immigration debate - Children of Illegal Immigrants

Chris Rosati proves the butterfly effect 


Hans Christian Anderson movie trailer
The Sources of Country Music - famous mural 1975

Mountain Dulcimer -

Square dancing -

Gospel Music -

Cowboy songs –

Banjo pickin -  

     dueling banjos


Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

CBS report about the house 

Tour around the house 

Model of house built with legos 


* Moose - 

National Parks – Moose -


Songs by Brent Holmes – “I’m a very handsome Moose”

*I’m a Moose and I love my lIps” 

 Earthworms - composting

*    Worm Farm 


*    What animal helps the soil? 


Tribute to Earthworms


Amazing World of Worms - 


Worm Composting – how to make your own worm bin 


Video --- Curious George Learns about Trees 


Video ---- Learning about Trees 


Video – Tallest Trees in the World (National Geographic)


Life of a Tree (Arbor Day Foundation)    (Be sure to take a look at Majestic Trees on this site)


What is Forestry? 

3rd Grade – Animal Research


1. National Geographic Kids – Animals


2. San Diego Zoo – Animals 


3. Kids – Animals


4. Ranger Rick (National Wildlife Federation) – Animals


5. Animal Fact Guide
 Interesting Careers - including QR codes in a class book


2. QR Code generator

Create a QR code that links to a video or information from this site. Copy and paste the QR code onto a Word document then print out to include on your page.


Washington Crossing the Delaware

Ice floes in the Delaware River 

Documentary of crossing 

Frame on the famous painting 


What is a meteorite?


Short video 


What is a meteor? 

Science experiment – finding meteorites 

Meteor Crater in Arizona 


Storyteller Diane Ferlatte / Brer Rabbit’s Dance 

Old recording of Chandler’s writing 

Southern reading 

 Storytellers – Wren’s Nest 

 San Diego Zoo


Memories - Diaries - Biographies
Sally Hester - Wagon Train to the West

Appalachian Mountains  “When I Was Young in the Mountains”

1. Stories of three cultures of Appalachia

2. The Appalachians Part 1  


3. Description of Appalachian Mountains  


 Home Front in World War II “Don’t You Know There’s a War On?”

Rosie the Riveters -

One Room Schools “My Great Aunt Arizona”

One-room schoolhouse memories   

One room schoolhouse in Strawberry, Arizona


Ruby Bridges

Norman Rockwell’s painting “The Problem We All Live With”

Spotlight: Ruby Bridges

Rockwell painting hanging in the White House


First Ladies

Lady Bird Johnson – tour of the “Texas White House”

List of influential First Ladies

President Kennedy

1. NASA Man on the Moon: The Kennedy Challenge
  In this speech, Kennedy challenges
Congress to build a space program.

 2. Clip from Famous
Speech at Rice University in Texas  “We Choose to go to the Moon” Sept. 12, 1962 

Selecting a topic for Research  (good video, created by a teacher)

White House


Video about the White House:

CBS news :

Jackie Kennedy’s tour of the White House

The Entrance Hall of the White House:


Official White House website (info., interactive tour, etc.)



3rd Grade Research on Antarctica and Arctic

Famous Arctic and Antarctica explorers





***Compare Antarctic and Arctic poles  ----

General info. about Antarctica and Arctic


Polar Bear facts (National Geographic Kids )


Arctic animals (National Geographic)


Learning about the Inuit Culture


Penguin video

Penguin facts:


Additional sites: 

Lots of info. about the Artic (including view of the top of the world)


Try this quiz about the North Pole & South Pole