Howe Independent School District

"Educating the Hope of Tomorrow"

 (Famous Speeches)

7th grade - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - "Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation"

* Student made documentary of Attack on Pearl Harbor

* Broadcast of speech -


8th grade - Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce “I Will Fight No More”

* Discovery documentary 

* “Just Words”

Several speeches with instrumental in background 


6th - Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

* Ken Burns clip 

Reenactment -

5th grade - President Kennedy - "We Choose to Go to the Moon"

1. NASA Man on the Moon: The Kennedy Challenge
  In this speech, Kennedy challenges
Congress to build a space program.

 2. Clip from Famous
Speech at Rice University in Texas  “We Choose to go to the Moon” Sept. 12, 1962


Speaker of the House – Sam Rayburn

Three Presidents at the Funeral service for Sam Rayburn


Jesse Owens

Documentary -

1936 Olympics

Info. about his Olympic performances and friendship with German athlete Long

Winning gold medal in the Long Jump

100 meter – preliminary races and final

Marcel Marceau
Famous French actor and mime.  His most famous character was "Bip the Clown."  He called mime the "art of silence." Marceau was famous around the world and performed for over 60 years.
Annie Oakley

Biography – telling about her start in the Wild West Show 


1. What was her name given at birth? 


2. What happened that allowed Annie to become part of her husband’s stage show? Reenactment of Annie shooting 


3. Finish this famous quote of Annie Oakley….. 

“Aim at a high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, nor the send and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally, you’ll hit the



4. How was Annie able to help her family when she was a teenager? (look in Early Life section) 


5. Here’s an actual video of Annie Oakley shooting in Thomas Edison’s studio. How many balloons on the board does she shoot? 


6. In the Broadway play about Oakley “Annie Get Your Gun”, what is the name of one of the songs? (Reba McIntire is playing Annie) 


7. What kinds of guns did Annie prefer? (there’s a video at bottom of site showing one of her guns)


 Jane Goodall – Animal Rights Activist, Scientist


Watch these videos to learn about Jane Goodall ------------------------------------

Jane Goodall: A Retrospective 

Chimpanzee Mother and Baby

(this is a longer video but really good)        60 Minutes revisits Jane Goodall



Now you are ready for the Jane Goodall Scavenger Hunt ---- Have fun!!!!

1. How old was Jane when she left England to study the chimpanzees in Africa? 


2. When was the chimp named “Fifi” born (look on Flo’s Family Tree)?  Be sure to listen to Jane tell about Fifi.


3. What is one goal of Jane Goodall’s “Roots & Shoots” organization? (hint: Look under About us – Mission page) 

4. Listen to some chimpanzees talking. Try imitating their sounds. (at this site, pick the video/sound tab……. The video is fun to watch too.)


5. What tool do chimpanzees use to catch termites (a type of ant) to eat? Using Tools 


6. What is Jane’s message for children? Jane Goodall’s message for children: (short version) (longer message)


Extra sites to explore: 

Chimp Champ quiz site 

Chimpo puzzle 

President Dwight D. Eisenhower
eduCanon video & questions: 
*** Short biography with videos followed by the President giving a speech (bio. true story site) 

1.        Eisenhower's Birthplace in Denison 

2.        Biography of Eisenhower -



3.       Video and information about Eisenhower -


4.       Eisenhower’s Farewell Address  -


5.       1st known broadcast of a President’s speech in color television -


Presidential campaign buttons:    IKE button,52725815


Jacques Cousteau – French ocean explorer and photographer, inventor, scientist

Biography of Cousteau 

1. Why is Jacques Cousteau’s contributions important? List one thing he accomplished . 


2. Fill in the missing words of this Jacques Cousteau quote: 

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of ______________________________________.


3. Not only did Cousteau care about the oceans, he was also concerned about a very cold continent? What is the continent?  ­­­


4. How old was Cousteau when he learned to swim? 


5. Cousteau was the co-inventor of the Aqua-Lung (also known as SCUBA). Was does SCUBA stand for (what do the letters mean)? 


6. Who is the musician that wrote a famous song about Cousteau’s ship Calypso? (jump ahead to 2:42 to hear the song) 


7. Watch this video and hear Jacques Cousteau tell about his wishes for future generations. 

In your opinion, what is something we can do to protect our oceans? 


8. What are some issues currently affecting our oceans? (scroll down to see the problems – list just one) 


Videos to watch just for fun:

Here’s just one of the episodes of “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” 


CNN report on Cousteau (about him being an inventor and scientist) 


What makes a hero????   Audie Murphy – America’s Most Decorated Soldier (and a Texan too!)

About his life

Biography –  

Short documentary

Video clip showing his awards/medals 

Clip from movie about his WWII experience (he plays himself in the movie) – 

Clip from TV game show – 

Songs Audie Murphy wrote

When the Wind Blows in Chicago 

“Shutters and Boards” 


Information about the Congressional Medal of Honor 


Arlington Cemetery (where Audie is buried) 

history of the cemetery 


For more info.:

Audie Murphy Memorial website 

Museum in Greenville