Howe Independent School District

"Educating the Hope of Tomorrow"

  • Makerspaces are places where you can work with others or by yourself to create, invent, and learn.  Our library is trying out the concept with students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Students will have 6 different opportunities throughout the year to try-out different art & science techniques. Our goal is to provide opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and exploration.


    Main Rules:

    1.  Play nice!  Have fun working with others - sometimes you may disagree but keep it friendly.

    2.  Stay in your makerspace until it's time to go - no jumping around to other makerspaces.  If you don't get to go where you would like today, maybe it will be open the next time.

    3.  Clean up your makerspace before leaving.  Don't be a slob - other classes will be using the makerspaces.


    Sept. 2015 - 1st makerspace instructions


    Elem. Makerspaces - Sept. 2015