Howe Independent School District

"Educating the Hope of Tomorrow"

Career and Technology Education courses are designed to prepare students in the technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in today’s high-demand occupational environment. Students have the opportunity to utilize their academic skills in the following career fields: Agriculture, Business, Computers, Human Services and Information Technology . These programs provide a variety of elective courses from which students are allowed to select and are in addition to the academic courses required for graduation. Career and Technology Education can help a student explore his/her potential and establish future career goals. Career education may assist students by providing them with a means for enhanced earning potential while attending post-secondary education/training. Career education courses encourage students to develop a personal career plan and provide information for post-secondary education opportunities. Students may choose to take advantage of the TECH-PREP agreements in which students receive community college credit for technical courses completed in high school. 
Questions concerning any of the following courses or requests for career information may be directed to the high school Prinicipal.

Howe High School