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Welcome to the Parents' Toolkit
The purpose of the Toolkit is to provide parents with information about various issues that relate to them or their children.  The site includes links to various sites that have information that may be helpful to parents raising children in this day and time.  This Toolkit is meant to take the place of the Parents of the 21st Century Training Series.  While HISD will still offer parent training opportunities from time to time, we are hoping the Toolkit will allow more parents to take advantage of the resources available to them. Please contact me if you have questions about the Toolkit.

Diamond Date Safety / Violence Resources
  Resources available from the State of Texas in regards to Date Safety.
Diamond Date Safety/ Violence Resources
  Site contains resources and information for parents. Dating Violence and Control issues 
  are problems that affect students in every school.
Diamond Project Wisdom
  A link to the Project Wisdom site, a relationship building and anti-bullying program
  being used at Howe Middle School.
Diamond Rachel's Challenge
  A link to the Rachel's Challenge organization. Rachel Scott was a victim at the Columbine
  HS shootings.
Diamond Digital Drugs/ IPOD Dosers
  A link to an article about IDOSING
Diamond K2 (Synthetic Marijuana)
  Link to information on K2 which may be purchased legally in many cities and states.
Diamond Fitnessgram Information
  A link to information related to the Fitness Assessment all Texas 3rd through 12th Grade
  Students take each year.
  Health/ Diet Information
Diamond Signs of Heart Disease in Obese Kids
  WebMD Article on Symptoms and impact of obesity in children.
   Links to resources to help parents with issues related to the internet and social networking
Diamond McGruff SafeGuard Resources
Resources for parents to help SafeGuard children.
plus Aspartame News Video
  Interesting information about what is found in many diet drinks and artificially sweetened